Welcome to a special edition of the B3 GamingCast.

In this episode CountShocula and myself, Janzer, talk with Ship of Heroes Casey McGeever, CEO of Heroics, Inc. and Matthew Wilson, Lead Developer, Heroics, Inc.

We get information about the environment of Ship of Heroes, the function of the Ship itself, the engine it's created on, level caps, a bit of insight on the business model, how the game play is going to work, info on powers available, a walkthrough of the character creator, community driven events, future character powers, and really just quite a lot more.

I'd like to say, we're very excited about having the opportunity to talk with Heroics and appreciate the opportunity. Hopefully you all enjoy this conversation lead by CountShockula. And thanks again Count, for getting this all together for us.

We're jumping right in with Casey McGreever leading us through what we're seeing on the Skype call. Hope you enjoy!

Link to the Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuKm3jvhjLU

Ship of Heroes website: https://www.shipofheroes.com/


Count is running a Conan Exiles server, look for his clan, "The Sons of Trump"

Valve is teaching an AI to find Counter-Strike cheaters

Conan Exiles reenables DRM and BattleEye

Why is griefing?

MMO talk

Count is rejected by Marvel Heroes

Discord rejects the B3 Gaming Community

Jim Sterling being resued by Digital Homicide

Dropzone Sparkypants

The Ghost Recon: Wildlands open beta now has a schedule. It will run from February 23 through February 27. Preloading begins on the 21st.

Deck 13 developer (Lords of the Fallen) shows 14 minutes of their new game "The Surge", releasing in May

Where GamerTron gushes over Prey 2

Mass Effect Andromeda is not going to be open world

GamerTron discovers inventory management with Resident Evil 7

For Honor Changes

Godzilla talk?

Comic Book Movie News

Apocalypse Now Video Game Images Released, As Project Abandons Kickstarter

The Division 1.6 are final

Titanfall 2 updates

Xbox One Beam streaming starting testing

Elite: Dangerous's standalone PvP spinoff, Arena

How Content ID and Party Hard's music screwed both YouTubers and TinyBuild

B3 real life woes

Count's 50 Shades moment


With Tron and Count succumbing to weather and badgers, 109Volts, Grammaton Dryad, and Philamon Grundy step up from the B3G community to fill in!

For Honor Open Beta discussion and thoughts

7 Days To Die UI Modding update from Janzer

Conan Exiles official servers are now available

Mass Effect Andromeda will no longer have Paragon/Renegade conversation options

Mass Effect genre likes and dislikes discussion

E3 tickets on sale Feb. 13th

Worlds Adrift game play and how developers handle feedback during livestreams

Discord is crazy, but cool!

The Division State of the Game 1.6 PTS 4

Second Look at Stardrop and update

Ship of Heroes audio cast coming soon

Steam Greenlight is going to a pay to submit game model

FTL new game, Into The Breach kaiju game

Castlevania Netflix series is going to be "R-rated as f**k", will appear this year.

Iron Fist Netflix series March 17th

Legion on FX looks like a great show

Finally saw Antman, and its great

Nioh doesn't allow full coop because they say it will be too easy. It's only possible to summon another player into your game if they've already beaten the level they're being summoned into.

Youtube Sub Scandal, not so damaging

Brut@l game looks great

109Volts is getting into drawing on live streams


GamerTron is on a webcam!

Rising SuperStar Count was on the I Sell Comics smodcast by Mike Zapcic and Ming Chen

GamerTron finishes his Top Games of 2016, finally

Conan Exiles is a copy of Ark?

Massive, The Division developers, need to create some direction for update 1.6

Ghost Recon Wildlands closed beta thoughts

Titanfall 2 updates by GamerTron

Another Comic book SJW Rant, because that never gets old

Did Aquaman miscast Nicole Kidman?

For Honor vs Dark Souls vs Let It Die. Meta is meta.

Rainbow 6 Siege update information by GamerTron

Janzer is modding the UI for 7 Days To Die


PS4 Pro and Scorpio talk

Microsoft Game Mode windows 10, better performance and built-in Beam streaming, Windows 10 preview build (15019)

Prey is...Half-Life 3? Release May 5th 2017

Nioh Feb 9th PS4 only

For Honor Feb 14th
Sniper Elite 4

Berserk and the Band of the Hawk Feb 21

Horizon Zero Dawn Feb 28 PS4 only

The Surge May 2017

Marvel and Square Enix Announce The Avengers Project

Resident Evil 7 ships 2.5 million

Resident Evil The Final Chapter

Hideo Kojima says games and films will merge together

JonTron, Sargon of Akkad, PBG

Titanfall 2 Livefire update

Francis Ford Coppola developing Apocalypse Now, Kickstarter 900k, 2020 release

Ship of Heroes has a character creator up

Division PTS 1.6 week 2
Banshee set to give extra damage to Rogues after death for 10 minutes

Obsidian's Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire funded in less than a day, 1.1 million goal
Successor to Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, and Planescape: Torment

Nvidia's 378.49 GPU drivers break hardware encoding in Steam

Panty Party

Conan Exiles comes out Jan 31st


We cover all things Division 1.6 changes in this special episode!

DZ 7,8,9 opening up, almost doubles the size of the DZ
New Contamination Events have been added to the Dark Zone
Legendary difficulty
Exotic Weapons
Gear Set Changes
Armor and Resists
Skill Power and Skill Changes
PvP balance
Economy Changes
In-game stores and new currency
Other changes
The Last Stand DLC
New Incursion

Watch the live at https://www.twitch.tv/b3gamingcast
8PM Easter / 7PM Central every Saturday


Logan movie

Comic characters being flipped

Battleborn won't die update from GamerTron

Marvel Heroes is dead update from Count

It's MIN-Maxing, not MID-Maxing

Nintendo would not put Titanfall 2 on the Switch

Titanfall 2 updates

Ubisoft lets you play Watchdogs 2 for free for 3 hours

For Honor talk

The Division pre-order content

Youtube copyright claims

Youtube comment notifications suck again

Top 2016 Game Sales

The Division 1.6 update notes are reviewed in a supplemental podcast. Check it out!

Watch the live at https://www.twitch.tv/b3gamingcast
8PM Easter / 7PM Central every Saturday


Nintendo Switch

Scalebound cancelled

For Honor closed beta 26th

Conan Exiles 28th

Valve insider says, no Half Life 3

Microsoft and Epic suing for his likeness in Gears of War

Count Plays Batman

Metacritic is not a great indicator of quality

Battleborn changing the game up on the 19th

Paragon New Character released, Serath

Steam's top games of 2016

Sunless Sea heading to iPad

ESO Housing update coming soon

My Youtube Livestream Schedule

Artist Trudi Castle that did The Long Dark is joining Darkest Dungeon

GamerTron plays Call of Duty Infinite Warfare


Ship of Heroes gives us a return shout, expect to hear from them in the future on the podcast...hopefully! The crew run through their top games of 2016. GamerTron let's Count and Janzer know that life is worth living. All in all, B3G is classy as always.


Steam Winter Sale


Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One: X-Wing VR Mission

Youtuber makes fake claim about airline

Dead Rising 4

Dark Souls 3

Assassin's Creed movie

Talking about Angry Joe getting criticized

This is the last podcast for B3 GamingCast, for 2016. No podcast next week. Have a good New Year!


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