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Conan Exiles' Endowment Slider Will Not Appear In Console Versions
Adding sorcery
No dongs for consoles

Middle-earth: Shadow of War update from GamerTron

Overwatch Clamping Down On XP Cheats
Inactive players will now be kicked
Eventually there will be no xp rewards
Overwatch Orisa "female" robot is out

Paragon is overdoing it with the female characters?

No Man's Sky on sale, hahahahahhaha!

Battleborn updates from GamerTron

For Honor faction update by GamerTron

Quake Champions Is Free-To-Play With a For-Pay Option
Free players can spend in-game currency, called Favor, to unlock the other characters, but only for a certain period of time.

Dark Souls 3 Ringed City DLC Images Show Off Terrible Beasts And New Weapons

The Banner Saga 3 Smashes Kickstarter Funding Goal
The crowdfunding campaign brought in more than double what it asked for.
Were looking for $200k, got $400k

Metal Gear Solid movie
Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts
Gray Fox, aka, Cyborg Ninja
Sniper Wolf potentially

Mass Effect: Andromeda Getting Free Multiplayer DLC Maps
Andromeda will have loot boxes that players can unlock through gameplay or by spending real money.
A free trial for the game will be available through the EA/Origin Access programs on Xbox One and PC starting on March 16. This 10-hour trial lets players test multiplayer and single-player, though the campaign component is locked to a set number of missions.

Games Of Glory Enters Closed Beta
A top-down team shooter developed by veterans from DICE and Ubisoft.
Weird female character animations...presenting?

The Division Year One Anniversary
Celebrates by giving players 200 premium credits, and a free emote. Eventually there will be two free dlcs to play. There will be no Season Pass to purchase. The first expansion will be in the summer potentially. The second content pack will focus on more story and narrative.

Rockband VR song list shown

Marvel Comics is at it again with forced diversity

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